Why wheel refurbishment?

There are lots of reasons why people come to us for wheel refurbishment:

Pot holes are a particular problem, as poor road surface conditions can bump and jolt our cars on a daily basis, creating flat spots and cracks in wheel rims.

If your car fails its MOT due to damage caused by a pot hole or other road surface imperfection, we can offer alloy welding and wheel straightening to get it through its MOT. We only carry out work we genuinely feel is safe and roadworthy.

  • You might have bought a new car and want it to look its best.

  • You might have an old car you want to bring up to scratch

  • Flaking paintwork on your wheels might be causing problems with tyre pressure.

  • Your car may have failed its MOT due to a crack or flat spots.

  • You might be trying to add value before selling your car.

  • You might have a lease car you want to return in good condition to avoid charges.

About our technology

We aim to always provide the best possible quality in every aspect of our alloy wheel repairs and in the related services we offer.

Our diamond cut process uses technology from the aerospace industry to measure with the highest accuracy and precision.

We began using a CNC lathe to diamond cut wheels in 2008 – making us one of only two companies in the UK to do so at the time.

Our powder coat process can cover all kinds of items, from car parts to bicycle and motorcycle frames too, although for safety reasons we do not coat brakes and calipers.

The specialist wheel straightening equipment we use can repair wheels measuring up to 26 inches. We don’t just hammer them back into shape like some people might!

And our alloy welding can repair slight damage to cracked rims and other small repairs.

New tyres

If you need new tyres then you need WRC Tyres, our online and on-site tyre service.

We have full tyre bay facilities, so you can bring us bare wheels, wheels with tyres already fitted, or the entire vehicle – we can work on it either way.

WRC Tyres is part of the TyreHeroes network, a leading UK independent tyre dealer network that makes more than nine million tyre lines directly available nationwide.

TyreHeroes makes it easier to buy and fit tyres, while supporting local independent tyre dealers too, and we are proud to be a member.


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