– Mark Greenhalgh

“I would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for providing a fantastic service. If you remember I had my alloy wheel welded as it had cracked in 2 places. I came to collect the wheel on Saturday morning but Andy said it wasn’t ready as one of the welders was off all week. We quickly got on the phone and asked the boss if he could come in and finish off the job, to which he did. On further inspection Andy noticed that there was a gash on the inside of the tyre wall. He replaced this with a good condition part worn, balanced the wheel then put the tyre back on. Your company and staff are absolutely fantastic (even the junior brew maker!!!) and if I or any of my friends and family have any wheel related issues I can guarantee that I will be returning/sending them your way!!!!”

– Pete Lester

“I know where to came back to in the future…. Great service…!!!”