Don’t get caught out this winter – make sure your wheels are ready for the changes on the roads.

The leaves have fallen off the trees and you are driving to and from work with your headlights and windscreen wipers on – so winter must be here.

But are you prepared for the change in weather conditions and the impact it can have on your car?

You should by now be making a list and checking it twice so you don’t get caught out on the roads when the temperature dips and you are faced with the ice, rain, sleet or snow.

So, to help you out, the team at Wheel Repair Centre is gifting you with a checklist during the season of good will to keep you safe on the Lancashire roads and across the North West:

  • Make sure your windscreen wipers are in good working order – if they are worn – replace them as soon as possible to face all weather environments.
  • Keep washer fluid in the boot of your car at all times as the winter weather can make your screen dirty and decrease visibility.
  • Check the tyres’ tread condition and the pressure; Wheel Repair Centre’s top tip is to opt for winter tyres, which perform well in snow and ice – and your car will reap the benefits.
  • Have a pair of sunglasses that you keep in your car – this may not seem necessary in the depths of winter but the low sun can be dazzling – especially with glare from the snow.
  • Avoid standing around in the cold on your early morning starts with stuck or frozen doors by using a lubricant on the hinges and door rubber seals and keep a can of lock de-icer handy.
  • Keep your tank topped up – to at least half full – this will reduce condensation to avoid fuel lines freezing.
  • Check the brakes – if they are creating noise – get them looked at.
  • Investigate if your engine is performing well – look out for a lack of power or whether your car seems to be driving differently, if it is – get it checked.
  • Test all lights; condensation inside the bulb housing indicates the bulb is no longer sealed and could fail soon.
  • Establish if the car’s handling is in working order – if it is veering to one side – it could be time for an alignment check.
  • Keep engine oil and fluids topped up or replace them – give particular attention to brakes, transmission, coolant, power steering – and make sure there are no leaks.
  • Check the battery; a good indication of a battery being weak is if the headlights dim when the engine speed drops.
  • Keep warm and safe if an emergency situation occurs with a pre-prepared kit including blankets, drinks and food, a mobile phone and charger, a map, torch, jump start cables, reflective warning sign and first aid kit.

If you want further advice or want to have winter tyres fitted to stay safe on the roads through Christmas and beyond call the friendly team at the Wheel Repair Centre in Preston on 01772 627 600.